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Remote control

Remote control sector

We design and build programmable data concentrators “RTU -Remote Terminal Units” developed for:

  • Industrial applications
  • Special transport on wheels
  • Accounting of Energy production from renewable sources
  • Accounting of thermal and electrical energy consumption
  • Supervision and remote management of the plants
  • District heating control
Tecnint HTE remote control systems also offer the following services:
  • IEC61850 protocol, TPT2020 compliance
  • Own protocols for energyMeter-Bus, Knx Wireless Meter-bus, Modbus RTU, RS485, Coster-bus
  • Development of connectivity systems Wi-Fi, BT, 4G, Lorawan, NbIot
  • Protocols for the industryCanbus, Canopen, Ethercat, Profibus, ETN
  • Available Operating systemsLinux, Android, FreeRtos, QNX
  • Programming in C, soft PLC (IEC61131) Isagraf based
  • EMSEnergy Meter System

Plant management

photovoltaic production control modules

district heating accounting

cluster tlc

RTU for network infrastructure management


fiber optic infrastructure consumption control stations


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