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Design flow chart

Product realization phases

Sharing of technical specifications with the customer
Hardware, firmware, software design
Mechanical design and industrial design
Prototyping and validation

The R&D team, made up of technicians with great experience and specific knowledge in the various electronics sectors, deals with the development of hardware, software and product industrialization, starting from specifications shared with the customer and suggesting appropriate innovative technological solutions . In this phase the customer is in direct contact with the technicians, a point of reference and trust throughout the duration of the project.

All development phases follow periodic verification steps and design reviews. At the end of the design phase, the prototype is made, on which functional tests and compliance with technical specifications are carried out, as well as any regulatory, mechanical and environmental requirements. Finally, the client will validate the prototype with his own approval to proceed to the next production phase.

Tecnint HTE offers the possibility of directly managing of the entire product certification process, starting from an internal pre-compliance activity, which is followed by specific tests at the certification bodies, up to the issue of complete certifications at accredited bodies.
The integrated management of all design phases, up to the release of the product, allows a great efficiency of the design flow and allows to quickly reach the market, with a significant competitive advantage.

Technical skills - design know-how
  • TechnologiesARM technologies, CORTEX, FPGA, POWER PC, microprocessors
  • DesignAnalog and digital
  • DesignVideo and display
  • Optronic systemsfor rugged applications
  • FieldbusCan, Profibus, Modbus, Modbus Ethernet, Sercos, Mechatrolink, Ethercat, Powerlink, MeterBUS, KNX
  • Custom motherboard and carrier board designfor SOM, COM express,…
  • VME bus, VPX, PMC and FMC
  • Mechanical design and industrial design
  • MOTION control - axis control - realtime
  • Realtime operating systemsQNX Neutrino, LINUX REALTIME, FREE RTOS
  • Knowledge of systemsANDROID, WINDOWS, LINUX
  • IOT technologiesLORA, NBIOT, BLUETOOTH
  • MTBF analysis; MTTR; MIL HDBK-217; Exida
  • FMEA - FMECA - LCC - RAMS models
  • Certifications according to the RegulationsEN60601 (medical), EN50155 (rolling railway), EN45545 (Railway), ECE R10 / R118 (automotive), EN-61000 (CE), EN13489 (safety), ATEX, SIL, RINA
  • Specific approvalsfor industrial, defense, medical and naval sectors
Our technologies – development tools
  • CAD (Mentor PADS Professional)
  • EMC instrumentationSurge generator, fast transient and powerfail, ESD, Conducted emissions, antennas and receiver for radiated emissions, Emi sniffer.
  • IR camera, colorimeter, luxmeter
  • SW toolSpice, Mathlab, MathCAD, Simulink, Office excel, Office Access, WIN, Linux, Android, Qnx; ISAGRAF
  • Climatic chamber
  • 3D mechanical designSolidEdge, Autocad
  • 3D printer
  • Video bench for testing cameras
  • Calibrator for instrument
The integrated management of all phases of the design, up to the release of the product, allows a great efficiency of the design flow and allows to arrive on the market quickly, with a significant competitive advantage.